My New Half Marathon Goal

Whilst up on Johannesburg a couple weeks ago, a buddy if mine, Andy, reckoned that if I can’t run a half marathon in 90 minutes or less, that I should quit running.

The week after I returned home from Johannesburg, I ran an 18km trail run where my average time was comfortably under 5 minutes per kilometer which didn’t feel too hectic. I really felt like I could have pushed 20% harder, so when the Savages Running Club hosted their 21.1km run a couple weeks ago, I decided that I was going to see how far off Andy’s 90 minute time I was.

I arrived at the start with literally 30 seconds to spare, so I decided to just join the front of the race right on the starting line which meant I could start off at whatever pace I wanted and not worry about being boxed in.

My first kilometer, although fast at around the 3:45 mark, was pretty horrible. My right knee started hurting really badly four or five steps off the line, probably due to not doing any stretches and immediately going into a sprint.

The run itself was pretty sick. It took place on a 10km loop beginning at the Durban Cycle Track, past Moses Mabiha Stadium, into Durban’s CBD, back to Kings Park Swimming Pool and onto Durban’s magnificent beach front.

My time was 1 hour 38 minutes and 50 seconds. Average time was 4 minutes and 39 seconds which means that I need to speed up 24 seconds per kilometer to reach the 90 minute half marathon benchmark. Totally doable…

Here are a couple awesome photos taken by the running club during the race. Super pumped to reach this 90 minute goal soon.


Happy running.


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