Nguni Classic

on Saturday I ran the Nguni Classic. It’s a weekend away in Ladysmith, halfway between Durban and Johannesburg, where there are a series of races starting with a 30km morning run, then an 8km night run and then finally a 20km morning run the following day. But because I am not an avid fan of camping, I decided to only run the 30km race on the Saturday morning, which meant having to leave Umhlanga at 2:45am! It was a pretty difficult 250km drive there due to only having 3 hours sleep, but the run was incredible.

When we first started out, I realized that there were only about 15 runners, so I decided to rather run it for the milage than as a race and soon the phone came out and I started taking a ton of photos. The scenery was unbelievable but the amount of time it took to start, take off my backpack, find the phone, snap some photos, pack the backpack and continue running was pretty insane, so much so that I was expecting the finishing line to be a empty with everyone heading back to the camp site, but it wasn’t and I was able to gain some ground in the final 5km’s.

The terrain was really awesome and had so much variety to it, from farm roads with stream crossings, to single track veld, super rocky descends, forests, river crossings, makeshift suspension bridges, and even some no-track (I may have been lost though), so all in all, a kickass run.

Here are a couple of the photos I took along the way:





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