No Gym Bunny Here.

The sunrise is getting later and later, the mornings are getting colder and colder and the fact that there aren’t any marathons in July in KZN is bumming me out, so my motivation to run has kind of taken a dip.

On Monday night my mate Mori and I hit the gym. It was the first time I had ever been inside the weights section of the gym before and to say that I felt “super awkward” is an understatement. Here I am trying to keep my weight around the 63kg mark and this big bastard of a man next to me is loading his benchpress bar with 163kgs! I just kept reminding myself that in 10 weeks I am going to crush a 70km Umgeni Run, and then I regained a slight amount of confidence, until I started struggling with the one benchpress and my mate piped up and said, “there is no shame in just benching the bar…”

I did feel pretty good this morning though, and the Brown Rice Protein Powder I took just after the workout definitely helped as my arms were nowhere near as sore as I was expecting them to be. I do have to focus on building strength in my legs though, as now with these longer distances, its not about how fit you are, but rather how strong you are both physically and mentally. With that said, I think I am going to go to bed in my running kit so that I can hit the streets tomorrow morning for a run as mentally I am not in the game at the moment. I don’t know where and for how long, but it has to be done. Time to start working on a sick playlist to run to.

On a side note, I have been following a couple Tumblr blogs lately and there are some incredible sources of inspiration out there, like or my favourite Trail Porn which is actually by the guys from IRunFar, so I thought I would end this post off with one of the kickass images I’ve come across:

Little Bighorn River Canyon in Wyoming
From the Trail Porn website:
Running above the Little Bighorn River Canyon in Wyoming.
Photo: Wolfgang Schwartz

Happy running.


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